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Friday, 3 February 2017

A 48 pound terror!

Dear Friends:

When I read the first line of this article my only thought was: "God damned cops over reacting!"
A Toronto-area woman wants answers after police placed her 6-year-old daughter in handcuffs at her elementary school.
Yup, at first glance it appeared as if the cops were totally out of control ..., until you read further and discover that the kid was crazy!
Peel Regional Police said officers were called to Nahani Way Public School in Mississauga, Ont. by staff who said the girl was acting violently and they couldn’t calm her down.
Police say it was necessary to handcuff her because she was a danger to herself as well as other students and staff. Both the school board and police they tried other de-escalation techniques that failed before resorting to handcuffs.

This just goes to show that things are not always as they seem folks!

To make matters worse, some human rights activists are claiming the confrontation was racially motivated. (This is bullshit, boys and girls. If they had beat her I could see protesting  being justified, but not under the circumstances.)

P.S. This girl has some major problems kids, and the only option should be to medicate her and have her talk to a shrink, or put her in a special school that can handle her ....., if there is such a thing! 

Or maybe an exorcism! ;>)