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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Dear Friends:

Here it is a Sunday morning in S.W. Ontario, in the middle of February, and it's a sunny 15 degrees (celsius) outside.

In celebration of this marvelous weather, we have a short video of kite flying that will blow your socks off. (I didn't even know that stuff like this was possible!)

Make sure you have the volume up!

P.S. This video was filmed on Kits Beach in Vancouver, and having lived within a few blocks of where this was filmed, I can tell you that all sorts of magical stuff happens there!

P.P.S. Today the golf courses here in London are open for business ......, as well as skiing on Boler Mountain! Much the same as in Vancouver. Golf or windsurfing around the city, and skiing on Grouse or Cypress mountain. (Only our mountain is not nearly as big!)