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Monday, 20 February 2017

Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't!

Dear Friends:

It's Family Day here in Ontario so I drove to Sarnia to visit with my 91 year old, but still feisty, mother!

While I was there I ran into some old acquaintances and during the course of our discussion I happened to enquirer how the Mayor, Mike Bradley, was doing!

Now I should explain that Mayor Mike (Who I have known for many years) has been the Mayor of Sarnia for close to thirty years now, and he has always been very popular and loved by both the people of Sarnia, and the folks who work in the Municipal offices as well!

The reason I bring this up is because a year or two ago the city hired a couple of women to work at City Hall, and they were, if I can find a proper way to describe them, very opinionated, politically correct, and activists for women's causes. (I was going to call them a couple of cunts, but that would be rather harsh ....., don't ya think?)

Anyway, they didn't hit it off with Mayor Mike, and accused him of bullying them, verbally harassing them, and also your plain, everyday sexual harassment.

In other words they used their gender, and a whole bunch of venom, to make life miserable for Mr. Bradley.

This whole mess hit the courts, or an ombudsman, or  tribunal, or something or other, (I'm not sure of the exact details since I haven't lived there for quite a few years.) and the end result is that Mikie is not allowed into City Hall except during office hours, and even then he has to stay in his own area (the Mayors Office) while a safety zone has been set up for some of the female staff! ( I wonder who?)

Folks, the long and short of it is that these women remind me of some of those ladies [sic] who falsely accuse their husband of child abuse so that they can get full custody of the kids!

I believe this is called playing the courts!