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Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Malignant Narcissism Of Donald J. Trump!

Dear Friends:

Guest post by Seth Davin Norrholm, PhD  Neuroscientist/Psychologist

In light of Donald Trump’s unprecedented behaviors during phone conversations with two of our closest allies and his continuing early-morning habit of tweeting out his pathology in the form of foreign policy, I have created this brief checklist describing the signs of one of the most severe expressions of personality as described by mental health professionals: grandiose/malignant narcissism.

Perhaps this can serve as a guide as you evaluate what you see and hear from the new president:
Behavior...Real World Example
✓ Possesses an exaggerated sense of self-importance...”I alone can fix it”
✓ Acts as though privileged and entitled...Members Only
✓ Shows little empathy...Fake Tears
✓ Blaming own failures and shortcomings on others or circumstances...3-5 Million Illegal Voters
✓ Attributes personal difficulties as being due to external factors (i.e., not claiming responsibility)...Lousy Earpiece
✓ Critical toward others...Obama’s the Worst
✓ Extreme reactions in response to perceived slights or criticisms ...(e.g., rage, anger, hostility)...Crowd Size Matters
✓ Little psychological insight into his own behavior...Sacrifices
✓ Reality distorting defenses...Alternative Facts
✓ Pathological self-esteem maintenance...Alternative Facts Part Deux
✓ Often becomes entangled in power struggles...One President at a Time
✓ Little care for moral values and manipulation of others...Stiffed
✓ Treats others primarily as his audience...Trump History Month?
✓ Believes conventional rules of conduct do not apply to him...Conflicted
✓ Persistently dismissive or arrogant...140 Characters at a Time
✓ Holds grudges/may dwell on perceived slights or insults for a long time...But it was a Landslide
✓ Portrays himself as a victim who is misunderstood or mistreated...Witch Hunt
✓ Little or no remorse for others to whom he caused harm or injury...No Regrets

The grandiose/malignant narcissist will go to great lengths to protect the identity and the world within which he operates. Treatment begins with the acceptance that there is an alternate way of looking at yourself and the world. An increase in symptom severity or duration is more likely when the narcissist is surrounded by sycophants, family, and enablers...!

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P.S. While talking to a friend of mine I commented on how Trump's rhetoric made me feel uneasy ......, so he suggested I should pay attention to what he does, not what he says!

Then I got really scared!