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Consciousness is not a phenomenon of the observable universe. It is that which makes the universe observable. Consciousness is the physical manifestation of God within us!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

What you see is what you get. (At least in this Universe!)

Dear Friends:

I'm not sure whether I have discussed this subject ..., in this way ..., on these pages ...., or whether it has just been bouncing around in my head!

Anyway, let's give it a try:

Scientists get more and more convoluted the more they try and explain things in our Universe. 
The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics essentially states that an object in a physical system can simultaneously exist in all possible configurations, but observing the system forces the system to collapse and forces the object into just one of those possible states. (See the problem of Schrodinger's Cat! While it is true that modern experiments have revealed that while quantum superposition does work for tiny things like electrons, larger objects must be regarded differently.)

It seems to suggest that the possibility of a two dimensional Cosmic hologram comprising our Reality ...., to light beams that don't behave a certain way until we actually watch, or measure them, we are the common denominator in all these functions and processes!   

This jives with my suspicion that we are all part of a "Cosmic Consciousness" that is observing our supposed "Reality!"  (This also supports the basic tenet of Hinduism in that it is the oneness of all things.)

This implies that man’s existence is just an illusion and the only worthwhile objective that a person can have is to escape from the perception of existence and be swallowed up in the “Oneness of Brahman.” (Just as the river returns to the sea!)


The corollary of all this conjecture is that the universe might have started out quite simply ......, and by poking and prodding at it our "Reality" became more and more complex.

Now the whole purpose of this rant today concerns a quote I read this morning by an eminent scientist and philosopher who said: "The more we try to understand our universe, the more bizarre it becomes."

This means that the more we try to figure out why everything is so big or small, complicated and/or confusing, we need not look any further than our own back door!!!!