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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why do Americans keep voting Republican?

Dear Friends:

Just look at the conservative leaning States and their poor quality of life and less opportunities for factory jobs as automation starts taking over, and yet GOP politicians make a great living out of those people ......, even a yuge living!!!

Simple. It’s bait and switch! (The average uneducated Republican is too fucking stupid to know that they're being played folks!)

There’s a book called “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank which explains this:

In short: Republicans run on a platform of cutting taxes, ending all abortion, ending all homosexuality, kicking out all the non-whites and non-Christians, bringing 5 million well-paying jobs back to the state, “draining the swamp”, “make America great again,” etc, etc.
Of course, they can’t do any of that. Oh, they toss out a bill or two to appease the voters but most won’t be acted upon. They will cut Capital Gains taxes and zero out taxes on local corporations.
But in the end they will destroy unions which help you, slash school budgets which will hurt your kids, cut police and fire, sell public lands at a cheap price to a private investor.
There are the real reasons why “liberal” states are doing better than “conservative” states. (Like a magicians trick, the GOP points left and you watch the 10 good jobs left taken by others, while they decry “look an evil foreigner took your jobs” while distracting you from the 10,000 jobs they eliminated by encouraging the companies to leave the country, or busting unions that try to ensure good pay and a little fairness. Also, Gerrymandering by the Republicans doesn't help the situation kids!)