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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Another Day in Paradise

Dear Friends:

Well here it is day two of our excellent adventure to B.C. for my daughter's wedding on Saturday.

The five or six hours that it normally takes to make the trip stretched to over 12 hours with lay-overs in Winnipeg and Calgary, which is what happens when you go for the cheap flights. (I am on a limited budget ......, since I,m now a pensioner!)

While we where on a three hour layover in Calgary I was wheeling my 92 year old mother around the airport when she said she told me she had to go to the washroom before we got on the plane .....,  so I dropped her off at the relief station [sic] and was about to sit in the wheelchair until she got back, but  didn't notice she had not put the brakes on!

As I was sitting it was too late to abort the landing in the chair, and as I descended onto the seat the whole chair flew out from beneath me and I ended up doing the splits before I hit the floor! (I am using aeronautical terms here because, after all, we were on a flight across the country

After rolling around on the cold hard tarmac for a few minutes while softly moaning to myself  the ground crew came running up and immediately put up a divider up to shield me from curious onlookers. They assessed the situation and were about to pump me up with all sorts of drugs to make the pain go away but told me I would then have to go to the hospital and miss my flight to B.C. ....., OR, give me a couple of Tylenol's and send me on my way.

Naturally I chose the latter and waited till today to go to a clinic........., and THEN they loaded me up with all sorts of neat stuff and now everything is right with the world.

Even the usual assholes walking around don't seem to bother me much this afternoon!!!

I wonder why?