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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Goodbye and farewell!

Dear Friends:

Well boys and girls, we are coming to the end of our vacation here on the West Coast and as the final few days loom before us my sister and my mother are going to a tribute concert for her late husband (He isn't really late folks, he's no longer coming) who was the renown jazz and concert pianist George Essihos.

I never met George in person, but talked to him many times on the phone.

In response to the concert this afternoon there will be a couple of hundred people in attendance while I, (who was never really all that crazy about jazz or concert piano) will be off to the Vancouver - Victoria ferry to pick up my son so we can celebrate Mothers Day tomorrow with my 91 year old tornado of a mother.

I say that because the old broad affects everyone and everything around her!

She's a force of nature that can't be stopped! (Just between you and me, she is for the most part a congenial old lady who spreads sunshine and joy far and wide, although at times she can certainly be an ill wind that blows no good!)

Monday it's back to reality, and the mundane day to day existence we all live in one way or another ......, although I have been told that we will be going to go on an "aeroplane," which promises to be a lot of fun!