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Friday, 19 May 2017

Me know "how," want to know "when!"

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into Perspective!"

Ladies and Gentlemen this Canadian habit of apologizing for anything and everything has gotten waaayyyyy out of hand!
OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to ask Pope Francis for a formal apology for the role of the Catholic Church in the residential school system when the two meet during a private audience later this month.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission included the demand for a papal apology -- to survivors, their families and communities -- among the 94 recommendations in its report on the dark history and legacy of residential schools.
Between the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' and the 'National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls' we have a whole bunch of contrite, remorseful and repentant people in government groveling and supplicating themselves for all the perceived misdeeds and injury foisted on our Indigenous populations ....., when in actual fact most of these 'sins' were either self-inflicted, greatly exaggerated or grossly embellished to get money out of the government!

Here's another example:
Our women and girls (including heterosexual, Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and those with disabilities or special needs) are sacred. We would like to recognize every single family member and loved one of the missing or murdered Indigenous women, girls and LGBTQ2S people in Canada. We want to express our deepest sympathies for your loss and we are grateful for every story that you will choose to share with us in the search for truth.
Over the last several months we have been determining our strategy for how best to move forward in this National Inquiry. Our mission is to learn the truth by honouring the lives and legacies of Indigenous women, girls and members of the LGBTQ2S community. This encompasses three goals:
  1. Finding the truth
  2. Honouring the truth
  3. Giving life to the truth as a path to healing
As we examine the systemic causes of all forms of violence against Indigenous women, girls and members of the LGBTQ2S community in Canada, we are putting the families first. Our values are honesty, openness, inclusivity, compassion, courage, fairness and respect. We are seeking the truth about missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and LGBTQ2S people while—most importantly—holding our women, girls and LGBTQ2S people sacred. It is our goal to provide those sharing their stories with a culturally safe space that they can access with support surrounding them. Our work is connected to the land and rooted in traditions that have kept Indigenous communities strong for thousands of years.
Let's get things back into Perspective here folks: For every sad tale from the "Residential Schools" there are many former students who sing the praises of the education they received there, while at the same time it's no mystery about what happened to the 'missing' and 'murdered' women amongst the Indian population ......., they went missing, or were murdered, because of the conditions and culture of their own community. (It's no wonder Indians make up about 3-4% of the Canadian population, but 24% of the federal inmate population is Aboriginal. First Nation, M├ętis or Inuit). 

Look folks, a great majority of the Indians in this country live in places where there are no jobs, no way to live decently, and no way to get ahead, but instead of moving to better (greener) pastures they would rather depend on government handouts and the extortion of  anyone they can think of that is extort-able for past injustices!

Yes kids, I keep saying that I'm not a racist because we are all part of the HUMAN RACE, but I certainly believe that there are different types of cultures that are better or worse than others simply because of the way they deal with things.

The North American Indians were, and are, a stone-age culture that lived on these lands for tens of thousands of years ...., but hadn't even invented the wheel by the time Europeans arrived. Their time has come and gone folks, and the only way they will prosper is to follow the members of their group that have joined modern society and adopted its values and norms.