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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Vancouver here we come!

Dear Friends:

First of all, never rent a car in person at the airport, because your ass will hurt for weeks afterward. ;>)

When we arrived in Victoria Tuesday night I went to a rental car counter at the airport and inquired about the rates they charged for a small compact car for ten days, and to my horror was quoted a price of about $750-! (Of course that included tax  ....., but no insurance, since I was told this was a rip off and I should use my own insurance company!)

After we got to my sister's place (Yes folks,  my entire family is smart and lives in B.C.) I got on line and was quoted a nice round figure of $285- for the week we would be in Vancouver.


Much to my surprise we woke up to brilliant sunshine today, so we are going to have a fantastic ferry ride over to the mainland, and I might even be able to harpoon a few whales! (I will take a few pictures from the ferry and then post them later today, after we go to my daughter's wedding rehearsal around supper time!)

All in all, this vacation is shaping up to be an excellent adventure, and it might be the last time it time are all together since my mom is in her nineties now! (There's me and my two kids, my  sister and her two kids, and my mom! My wife, "The Mrs Herself" couldn't make it for this trip since her lymphoma leaves her too weak to do any traveling!)

Anyway, it's time for a shower and then get myself ready since "Vancouver ......., here we come!"