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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Go north, young man, go north!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"

I saw a real interesting discussion on Quora that everybody should read, the title was: "What would an America completely run by liberals be like?" (NO, for our American cousins, it wouldn't be communist, or even very socialist, just a modern country that cared about its people!

By Graham Crumb

Why speculate? Go to Toronto and see for yourself. Better yet, just turn on the TV and watch Suits, Smallville, Real Detective, or any other TV series shot in a ‘typically American’ location. (Toronto)
People think that liberalism is some kind of radical ideology. It’s not. It’s a mere difference of opinion about the way we reach the same goals that anyone wants.
Sadly, some elements of the media (the real lying media) have been so busy pumping the language of fear and isolation, designed to make people feel vulnerable and alone, that they’ve become pathologically insecure about political differences of opinion.
What most self-proclaimed conservatives or independents don’t seem to realize is that they’re not a beleaguered minority. Nor are they a super-majority. They’re just people holding some of the many many widely varying opinions on a number of mundane issues.
There really isn’t a huge disparity of opinion between conservatism and liberalism. Both are moderate sensibilities. One says ‘hold onto what you value’, and the other says ‘aspire to a better life’. In their heart of hearts, everyone has space for both.
Liberalism is not a cancer, no matter what anyone says. And conservatism is not a jackboot step away from Fascism, no matter what anyone says.
Go to Toronto. Go to Vancouver. Roll down your windows and unlock the doors. 

The weather is beautiful this time of year.
You could have this if you really wanted it.