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Monday, 5 June 2017

If I Ruled the World: Part 1

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into Perspective!"

As the de-facto "Ruler of the World" and "Honest Broker," I am embarking on a blueprint to make this world a better place to live in, so why don't we start with our closest neighbour and biggest influence on Canadian society: The United States of America! (Legal disclaimer: For brevities sake we shall just use the term 'America,' or 'Americans' from now on!)

There are a handful of areas where a little tweaking can mean a hell of a big difference down the road, and I will list them today before we get into a more detailed examination of individual points at a later date.

1. Do away with all Lobbyists. (Give the power back to the people.)
2. Straighten out the "Gerrymandering" mess and introduce a viable third party to the political process.
3. Ban ALL handguns and assault weapons. Long rifles are used for hunting, but the only purpose of a handgun or assault weapon is to shoot and kill other people! (Don't get too excited about the hunting part, I would also do away with sport hunting!)
4. In the criminal justice system do away with the concept of punishment for a crime, and instead concentrate on rehabilitation and education. (This also means getting rid of the adversarial method of defense and prosecution, and replacing it with a joint effort to arrive at the facts of any criminal matter .........., and then lighten up on the sentencing, for God's sake!))
5. Concentrate less on military matters and more on social issues like health and education. (This includes stricter controls on large corporations and financial institutions, placing power back in the hands of the people instead of special interest groups! (Lobbyists)

That ought to do for a start! ;>)