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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"

I was presented with this question today: Why are majority still not accepting evolution despite having all required evidence to prove that evolution is a fact?

To which I wrote:  Let's take a look at religion in the West and this will become self-evident.

In Europe and Canada the overwhelming majority of people are well educated and so-so about religion and evolution. (This just means they are smart enough to take the Bible with a grain of salt and view it as a book of allegories instead of literal truth! )

Not so in the United States of America folks, where a sizable portion of the population are less educated and more of the shit-kicker type who take their religion and guns quite seriously. 


We also got this answer from Gord:

 Alongside all the other great (and very true) answers, I'll add a surprising one: despite being (bar none) the most religious nation in the developed world, Americans know stunningly little about religion. 

We're talking C+ on their own religions, and F on others' religions. That's according to a Pew Research Center survey back in 2010:

Example of knowledge checked:
  • On world religions other than Christianity, about six-in-ten Americans (62%) know that most people in India are Hindus. About half know that Ramadan is the Islamic holy month (52%) and can name the Koran as the Muslim holy book (54%). Roughly one-third (36%) correctly associate striving for nirvana with Buddhism.
Only a little more than half of Americans know the Koran is Islamic scripture!
Then again, in the same survey only six in ten Americans could name the Vice President of the USA:
  • In addition to questions about religious knowledge, the survey included nine general knowledge questions (on history, politics, science and literature) for comparison purposes. These show, for example, that about six-in-ten Americans can name the vice president of the United States (59%) and understand that lasers do not work by focusing sound waves (60%). More than seven-in-ten (72%) correctly associate Susan B. Anthony with the movement to give women the right to vote, while just 42% know that Herman Melville was the author of the novel Moby Dick.
I think this reflects the general state of education in the richest country on Earth more than anything else, unfortunately. 

I'll add one more thing: stunning numbers of Americans are unaware that "socialism" isn't just another word for "Stalinism." They're pretty much clueless about how most of the rest of the developed world lives, and therefore fail to learn from patently obvious examples right on their doorstep.