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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Nick the Dick!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"

Many years ago I worked with a guy called Nick who was the top salesman in our company about three out of every four months.

The strange thing about Nick was that while he always wanted to be the top dog and winner, he also wanted everybody else to lose!

I'm sure there s some psychological term for this sort of behaviour, but being around this sort of a person is extremely irritating ......, to say the least!!!!!!

Yup, Nick would think nothing of stealing your customers while telling everybody else what a rotten salesman you were.

The most vexing thing about him was that management knew exactly what he was like, but gave him free reign because he produced results for the company.

As a result his behaviour never came back to bite him during all the time I was there. (This was also one of the main reasons I eventually left the company!)

Unfortunately this same situation exists within the American political system at this time. Both the Democrats and Republicans not only want to win at every opportunity, but they also want the opposition to fail in everything they do.

These partisan policies are slowly strangling the country and making the whole kit-and-caboodle almost impossible to manage. Political parties are shouting at each other rather than talking to each other, and the only sensible solution to this impasse is to introduce a third party into the mix.

This way there is no right or wrong, or black and white anymore folks since everyone will have to compromise in order to get anything done.

The way I see it anyway!