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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion #99

Dear Friends: "Let's get thing back into perspective!"

In another one of our continuing series about "what the hell is the matter with the United States of America," we have a picture here that sums it up pretty well.


The United States of America and some little country in Africa (Iberia, Togo, Ghana?) are the only two countries in the world who still use the Imperial system. Even great Britain, who originally introduced this, has gone metric!


Steven Rumsey, 34, was in provincial court in St. John's on Friday. 

You see,  Rumsey was on a shoplifting spree during the early months of 2014.

Steve took a couple of flying squirrels from Pets Unlimited in January 2014. 

(One of them was a distant cousin of Rocket J. Squirrel....., Rocky!) 

He was caught on video taking the squirrels, valued at $350 each, out of a cage and putting them in a bag and then leaving the store.

The court wasn't told what became of the squirrels, the strangest of many items.
In January and February of that year, he stole five expensive Dyson vacuums from the former Target store in east end St. John's. Along the way, he also took a 32-inch Sony television, a couple of X-boxes, a sound system, headphones, and a Sony Blue Ray player.

In total, he took about $5,000 worth of merchandise from that store alone.

Rumsey also walked off with a pair of steel-toed boots from Marks Work Warehouse, and a breast pump from Walmart.

On top of that, his girlfriend, Shannon Boutcher, 29, was caught on video passing a Kinder Surprise capsule full of drugs to Rumsey. She was paid $200 to bring the drugs in, and has pleaded guilty to trafficking.

Rumsey also pleaded guilty to all of the shoplifting charges, and breaches of probation and breaches of court orders. He was sentenced to 18 months for those offences, and four months on the drug charges. 

Fortunately there's not very much in jail that he can steal!


Speaking of Flying Squirrels:  Hey Rocky, Watch Newt Gingrich Pull Bill Clinton’s Dick Out Of Trump’s Hat! (From the files of "Wonkette!")

In 1977, Bill and Hillary Clinton did a land deal called “Whitewater” with their friends Jim and Susan McDougal. All four of them lost money on the project, and Jim McDougal tried to get some shady financing and failed, and eventually his S&L went belly-up.

Seventeen years later, in 1994, after Bill Clinton was already president of the US and A, his Attorney General Janet Reno appointed a special prosecutor to examine whether Bill Clinton was a big ol’ crook who had pressured a bank to make a loan to McDougal. 

That special prosecutor, Robert Fiske, was replaced a few months later by Ken Starr, because having a special prosecutor appointed by Clinton’s AG was “a conflict of interest.”  (Then in 1995, Bill Clinton got his knob polished by a young lady named Monica Lewinsky.)

Ken Starr never filed charges against Clinton regarding Whitewater, he said, because he wasn’t sure the government’s witnesses weren’t a bunch of paid-off perjurers, but having found no evidence for charges in Whitewater, he DID file charges about the knob-polishing, in 1998.
Who was Speaker of the House during those 1998 midterms? It was Newt Gingrich! So we guess he was famous for that too. 
Who merrily led the impeachment of Bill Clinton for extramarital dick-suckings, the investigation of which commenced in an investigation of a failed land deal 17 years prior? 
It was Newtie! 
Who is now complaining that it is NOT NICE to broaden an investigation from one thing (possible collusion with a foreign power in our sovereign election) into a WHOLLY RELATED thing (attempting, badly, to cover up possible collusion with a foreign power in our sovereign election), which is a wholly related thing that in our recent history has caused a president to have to quite famously resign? 
We think you know the answer! 
It was Newt!
It's not the government who is screwing the Indians folks, it's their own leaders: Charmaine Stick says she can't stop smiling. The member of the Onion Lake Cree Nation, near the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, said she recently learned the provincial Court of Queen's Bench has ordered the First Nation to follow federal legislation saying it must disclose its basic financial records. 

"This is a victory for all First Nations people out there who've been fighting for transparency and accountability from their leadership," said Stick.


China Will Overtake U.S. As World Number One in Scientific Research, New Study Finds: Well that seems obvious kids, the United States of America is on an anti-science crusade with denial of global warming, restricting stem cell research, discrediting evolution, cutting funding to basic research and all sorts of other stuff ....., which leaves a  big hole for China to fill!

The way I see it anyway!