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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

This n' that!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"

Image result for dennis rodmanDennis Rodman is back in North Korea today to say hello to his old buddy Kim, and as a gesture of goodwill the 'big boss' of the country released a college student being held by the North Korean police as an olive branch to the U.S. government. (It's a good thing Dennis can play basketball kids, because I can't see him getting any kind of other job anywhere or anyhow!)

The only problem is that the kid was in a coma for some strange reason, [sic] and officials decided to get rid of him before he did a lot of damage to the country's image by dying there! (Plus it was too expensive to keep him around since the hospital bills were adding up.)


Toronto and Vancouver's home sales and prices continue to plummet and there's some hope it might correct the market before we have a disaster like they had down in the States.

Only time will tell, but those prices will have to come down one hell of a lot before there is any sanity in this whole thing.

I heard one story about a Toronto couple who bought another house before they sold theirs and that's just when the market started to slowly spiral downward leaving them with a new house, an old one they couldn't sell, and a mortgage payment on the two of well over $6 thousand a month!

To show you just how bad things are in T.O. here is a breakdown of single family home prices according to subway stops!


As Canadians we have always prided ourselves in interviewing politicians and Senators in the hallways of Parliament Hill but the United States, in keeping with their drive towards a fascist State, has made that a no-no down there!

Reporters on Capitol Hill are facing alarming new restrictions when trying to interview senators, journalists from multiple media outlets said Tuesday.
NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt tweeted that “reporters at Capitol have been told they are not allow [sic] to film interviews with senators in hallways.”
Reporters have traditionally been able to wait outside meetings and hearings and approach senators with question as they come and go. But now reporters are being told they need written permission from the specific Senator and the Senate Rules Committee.

And Finally, aeroplanes just keep getting bigger and more specialized folks:


This is called the "Flying Goose!"