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Monday, 12 June 2017

Too little, too late!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!"
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Folks, I am going to crank up the "way back machine," but instead of observing some past event I am going to actually send some information back exactly one year ago today!

That's right kids, way back to June 19th 2016: And I'm going to make sure they know it's from one year in the future!!!!!!
"There is no mystery to the carnage that President Donald Trump has wrought. Everything we have seen in these first 140 days—the splintering of the Western alliance, the grifter’s ethics he and his family embody, the breathtaking ignorance of history, geopolitics and government, the jaw-dropping egomania, the sheer incompetence and contempt for democratic norms—was on full display from the moment his campaign began."
Yup, that's right boys and girls from 2016 ........., let this be a lesson to you!