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Thursday, 8 June 2017

What's the matter with Drumpf you ask?

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into Perspective!"

Image result for donald trump clipartI read Quora on a daily basis to get input from a wide and diverse section of the population and although there are the usual idiots, and people with grandiose ideas about themselves and their abilities, there are also a lot of really smart people who afford me great points of view on this and that!

Here's one of them. This question "Why can't Trump form a coherent sentence?" immediately caught my eye!

By Jeff Lee:

He has absolutely clear signs of dementia, as demonstrated in an early May interview with John Dickerson, where he was unable to understand an obvious metaphor:

“JOHN DICKERSON: George W. Bush said the reason the Oval Office is round is there are no corners you can hide in.
PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, there's truth to that. There is truth to that. There are certainly no corners. And you look, there's a certain openness. But there's nobody out there. You know, there is an openness, but I've never seen anybody out there actually, as you could imagine.
JOHN DICKERSON: But he-- what he meant was it's-- all comes --

A standard test of one's ability to understand ideas is to ask a question using idioms or symbolic meaning, and see if, instead, the person can only seem to understand the words at face value. This is a sign of Alzheimer's, where the ability to understand simple concepts and relationships, and deeper meanings, is simply gone. There are brain synapses no longer capable of making the connections to neurons to which they were once linked. It only takes a few percent damage to make it impossible to rely upon the higher functions of the brain to complete a thought that any typical child can do but that any adult is expected to be able accomplish in order to live safely and independently, work reliably and even to assist their attorney in their defense.
This also explains:
  • why he doesn't read;
  • why he doesn't understand other people's points of view ( his employee’s obligation to follow ethical rules rather than loyalty/cover-up; the legal nuances of a Muslim ban versus a simple executive order regarding travel or immigration;
  • the fact that lies will be discovered and that the press will not cooperate on ignoring lies from the White House or the President;
  • his inability to understand that if he signs an Executive order of one page giving Bannon unusual powers of a seat at the National Security Council that he is expected to read that one page document;
  • why it is inappropriate to name as Ambassador to Israel, his bankruptcy attorney who said, that “Jews were worse than Nazi collaborators;”
  • his inability to follow the experienced guidance of professionals regarding avoiding tweeting while your personal statements can be used as evidence Inan impeachment proceeding;
  • Ignoring security recommendations regarding his phone, the presence of “blind trust advisors” to meetings and phone calls with heads of state, proximity of average citizens to secret conversations at Mar-a- Lago, reversing his position in the same interview and denying he said it;
  • treating others as if they are confused.
I will leave it to the reader to ask themselves, how many of these following 21 standard symptoms of early dementia that he suffers:
Cognitive: memory loss, mental decline, confusion in the evening hours, disorientation, inability to speak or understand, making things up, mental confusion, or inability to recognize common things
Behavioral: irritability, personality changes, restlessness, lack of restraint, or wandering
Mood: anxiety, loneliness, or mood swings
Psychological: hallucination, or paranoia
Also common: jumbled speech, nervousness, or sleep disorder
The danger of this is pretty clear, especially when combined with classic narcissistic personality disorder where mature values are not necessarily being considered in times of stress, resulting in potential retaliation, abuse of power, and obsessive fixation.


In keeping with a standard Republican /  Conservative position. this guy gave a standard Republican / Conservative answer to what's the matter with Trump: 

By John Stevens:
Did you ever ask the same thing about Obama? Notice the dearth of unscripted news conferences? The times he gave unscripted answers were punctuated by ummms….. and errs….. Almost never a complete and coherent answer to any question unless it was passed into the Oval well in advance.

He was, strangely enough, considered an intellectual due to his halting ad lib speech patterns. More likely, he was a zero without any answers of any depth .

So, once again, did you ask the same question about Obama? If not, why not? He reduced US foreign​ policy to a brain-dead mix of blunders, egotistical narcissistic folderol that placed him at the center of deep and intellectual policies that threw us into Chaos.

Concerning Republicans: Trump has stripped away the thin veneer of gentility and pious platitudes and shown the GOP (God-Owful Party) for what it really is: Intellectually bankrupt, ideologically extreme, hypocritical, venal, anticonstitutional, mean-spirited, and corrupt. They have been shown to care nothing about their constituents, only about power and a far-right ideology that is the culmination of the rightward course that they have steered since the Goldwater candidacy in 1964 (“Extremism in the cause of liberty is no vice”). They are owned lock, stock and barrel by giant corporations and other special interests. They care nothing at all for their constituents, only for power and their ossified, calcified, desiccated, fossilized doctrines.

Trump is the latest product of this trend, not the beginning. Earlier Republican presidents and Congresses created a fertile field for Trump. Ronald Reagan was the first really openly mean-spirited, divisive Republican president. The George W. Bush Administration was corrosively lawless, and W got us into a war in Iraq by lying straight to everyone’s faces about “weapons of mass destruction.” He was infuriatingly cynical about it all. And look at 2012. What kind of a party promotes lunatic morons like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann as actually having a chance at high government office?

Trump has caused deep fractures in the party, alienating some Republicans from others, and best of all making visible - especially to their constituents - which Republicans have principles and consciences, which are extremist thugs and bullies, which are docile sheep, and which are on the fence. Trump has also brought into clear relief for the rest of Americans the true nature of the Americans who support him: Mouth-breathing, often violent, always nasty cave-dwellers who, when it comes to the true nature of American government and religion (read: Christianity), don’t know, don’t care, and don’t care to know.
  • This election has made plain what everyone should have known a long time ago: The reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, just like Al Gore, is because over the past fifty years, extreme-right Republicans in most states have gerrymandered the Electoral College districts as appallingly as they have House Congressional districts. This has led a lot of people, including many traditionalists, to come to the opinion that in our modern age of instantaneous communication over long distances, the Electoral College has outlived its usefulness and should be abolished. This would not be an easy task. If a movement for the abolition of the Electoral College got organized and started right now, it might take as long as 50 years to achieve their goal. I base this speculation on historical fact: Between the beginning of the Republic in 1790 until the final failure of compromise over slavery that led to the War Between The States and the ratification of the 13th Amendment abolishing involuntary servitude, 70 years elapsed. The passage of the 14th Amendment with the precious equal-protection clause took several more years still. Despite that, the U.S. armed forces were not desegregated until World War II, or another 70+ years. After the ratification of the 13th Amendment, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not occur for an entire century. From the beginning of the women’s suffrage movement to the ratification of the 19th Amendment also took 70 years. Even with Prohibition, which was a disastrous failure from the word go, it took 14 years to fix the mistake.
  • Concerning Democrats: The election of Trump has revitalized the American Left in a way that a Hillary Clinton presidency never could have. Liberals and left-of-liberals have finally had enough and are tired of keeping their mouths shut because they’re afraid to antagonize sanctimonious humbug Republicans. I don’t know if you watched the Clinton-Trump presidential debates: It was excruciatingly painful watching and listening to Trump, but at least you could see that, unlike Hillary, he had a pulse! Throughout her campaign Clinton looked like she was carved out of wood; she looked and acted about as lifelike as a cigar-store Indian. Bernie Sanders was an analogous shock to the Democratic Party as Trump was to the Republican. Sanders stripped away the fa├žade of Democratic righteousness and illusory liberalism. Like Trump and Republicans, he caused deep fractures among Democrats by exposing their thin veneer of gentility and pious platitudes and showed the Dems for what they really are: Intellectually exhausted, and just as hypocritical in their own way as the Republicans. The subversion of Sanders’s campaign by the Democratic elite showed them for what they are: Caring more about power and influence than representing their constituents, and with their ossified, calcified, desiccated, fossilized, watered-down, broken-backed, carefully noncontroversial ideology that is the culmination of their rightward drift since the Johnson years. They are also owned lock, stock and barrel by giant corporations and other special interests. Sanders’s candidacy also showed Democratic voters which Democrats actually have principles and the courage of their convictions and which are no better than Republicans. I was never fooled by Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric; if she had been elected, even if she had been able to work with a willing, cooperative, Democrat-controlled Congress, hers would have been a bloodless, pedestrian, business-as-usual presidency, carefully hewing to the corporate elitist line, and leaving all the angry, frustrated Sanders supporters out in the cold. The Democratic “elite” appear to have realized, now that it’s too late, that they were deluding themselves about Hillary Clinton’s chances. But don’t expect them actually to learn from their mistakes and strike out in a new direction that is truer to Democrats’ ideals, just as the Republican Party ignored their own internal “post-mortem” study that they commissioned after the Mitt Romney debacle of 2012.