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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Beware the crazies on the Left and Right!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

Folks, this banner at the top of my blog is there for a reason: "The left wing drives me crazy, and the right wing scares the crap out of me!"

The Far Right, led by Don the Con Trumplethinskin himself is a danger to the United States of America and everyone in it, but the Far Left has its own set of perils because ya never know when, or why,  they are going to strike next!

Here's the latest poop:
A new Vatican letter to Catholic bishops worldwide has stirred up questions again over what kinds of bread and wafers should be used during communion in Catholic churches around the world. The letter sparked concerns for those who avoid eating gluten!
That's right kids, the tree hugging, gluten free alt-left soldiers are causing a stink because the Vatican won't supply gluten free communion wafers! (From the last time I took my wife to church for Easter,  even if someone had celiac disease there is not enough gluten in one of those wafers to cause any problems for anybody. After all, I have long suspected they are just little hunks of cardboard anyway!)

So there ya go, boys and girls, another example of the world gone nuts!

The way I see it anyway!