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Monday, July 10, 2017

Well, I'm offended by those offended people!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

The easily offended, or always offended crowd is on the warpath again about a comment made by Bill Maher on the weekend.

The HBO talk show host, who came under fire last month for saying the N-word on television, is now angering fans with a so-called racially-charged joke aimed at Koreans.
"This [North] Korean thing is getting tense! I mean, I think it is, I'm on vacation." he tweeted Friday. "But the ladies at my nail salon are freaking out, that's what I know!"
 Twitter users immediately jumped on Maher for his "offending" joke ......., except there was nothing to be offended about!

Look folks, immigrants come to this country and they start their own little business and try to get ahead anyway they can.

That included the Italians making pizza and bricklaying or construction work, the Dutch started farms and grew flowers, the Chinese opened laundromats and restaurants, East Indians fixed computers, Mexicans worked on farms, Arabs opened used car lots and Koreans worked in variety stores or nail salon's.

"That's nothing to be offended about you assholes!"

That's people coming to this land to make a living for themselves any way they can, often doing jobs the average person wouldn't.

So let's not get into this whole politically correct and easily offended thing at every opportunity folks because it only shows what a bigot and a jerk you are!

The way I see it anyway.