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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I'm sorry, you're sorry, she's sorry, we're sorry, they're sorry, he's sorry ...., sorry!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

So far Canada has apologized to the Japanese for their internment, the Chinese for something or other, the Indians for a whole bunch of stuff, blacks for this and that we even have the CBC apologizing to those who "felt misrepresented" by the new miniseries Canada: The Story of Us, which was heavily criticized for snubbing Nova Scotia and slighting Francophones!

Yup, lots of contrition to go around kids, and now the government has apologized to Omar Khadr for playing at being a terrorist when he was a kid because he killed a U.S. soldier! (The reason they apologized is because somebody said he was made to confess under duress!)

OH, DID I MENTION THEY ALSO GAVE HIM TEN MILLION BUCKS! (But no money for the soldier's widow!)

BUT, finally, we have one thing we aren't apologizing for ..........,

Canada has no plans to follow the Australian government and issue an apology for its role in the child migrant programs that shipped as many as 150,000 poor British children to Canada, Australia and other former colonies, Immigration Minister Jason Kenny said when he was still in Federal politics!

Now don't quote me on this kids, but I'm sure I left out somebody to apologize to, I just don't know who!

If you know, please send me a note!