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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion about the U. S. and Russia.

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

For weeks on end I have heard nothing in the news except how Russia tried to interfere in the U.S. election of 2016. It has been an endless source of conjecture, condemnation and even hyperbole that has saturated the media for months, and even years on end.

Let me give you a few quick facts, ladies and gentlemen: First of all ya can't believe a full 20% of what you read and hear because it's all bullshit and/or grossly exaggerated by social media.

Second, the United states is the pan calling the kettle black because records show that since the second world war the U.S. has overtly and covertly interfered in 81 elections around the world, AND EVEN INVADED SOME OF THEM!!!!!

Finally there are some 'facts of life' that will not change no matter how much public braying and clamoring there is: *Russia will not get  out of Crimea, nor should they, (although they should stay out of the Ukraine) *China will not give up on annexing Taiwan, *North Korea will not change its ways unless the present government is thrown out by any means, the *United States is in for a long and slow decline in world influence and power, the *World map is being re-drawn in favour of two power blocks, one East, and one West, *Israel will annex all of the West Bank and Gaza no matter who objects, (the Palestinians, along with the Syrians will have to be re-distributed around other countries in the Middle-East) *Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism will not stop as long as Saudi Arabia keeps exporting Wahabism around the world, *Africa and the Middle -East will continue to be a basket case, The *E.U. led by Germany will become the dominate power in the world, followed closely by *China, (that East-West thing we talked about) and finally, my neighbour George will continue to be an asshole!

The way I see it anyway!