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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion About Snorting Chocolate!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

(From the pages of "Live Science!")

Snortable Chocolate Claimed to Boost Energy: Is It Safe?
This chocolate isn't for dessert: A new "snortable" chocolate product called Coco Loko is being marketed as a drug-free way to feel energized. But some health experts said they are wary about the effects of inhaling chocolate through your nostrils.
"It's not generally a good idea to put anything in your nose that doesn't belong there" or isn't prescribed by a doctor, said Dr. David Hiltzik, director of otolaryngology at Staten Island University Hospital in New York. "It's quite clear that, at least empirically, chocolate does not belong in your nose."
The product contains raw cacao powder along with other ingredients, including taurine and guarana, often seen in energy drinks, according to The Washington Post. The company behind the product, Legal Lean, says that snorting Coco Loko "will give you a steady rush of euphoric energy and motivation." It's now available for purchase in the United States and costs $24.99 for a container of 10 servings.
(Of course cocaine will do a much better job of giving you an energy boost kids ......, but it's also much more expensive! -Ed.)


Image result for stan marsh as lordeApparently there’s no bad blood between Lorde and Taylor Swift’s squad after all. The singer took to Twitter to address her comments in a lengthy note in which she referred to Swift as a “dear friend” and expressed her frustration about the “squad” mentality.
“Wow — something of a frustrating thing to have to address online, but here we go,” she wrote. “Taylor is a dear friend. I love her very much. In the interview in question I had just been talking about Bowie and Patti Smith ― those were the ‘idols’ I was referring to that I was saying I’m not friends with, not Taylor!


Speaking of musicians, we have some before and after photo's (then and now) of a few 70's icons who haven't changed all that much!

Z.Z. Top

Tom Jones

As a matter of fact Tom just released one of his best songs ever: