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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion: Build Roots, not Towers.

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

It seems that no matter what ya do these days there is going to be somebody against it!
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Ya got yer N.I.M.B.Y.'s of course.

Then there's the preservationists who don't want anything new.

And of course, the people who don't want any change in their life at all. (They're living in the wrong century folks!)

No how, no way! (I still remember the big kerfuffle in Sarnia when someone wanted to build a nice condo on the riverfront, and a couple of people complained that it would spoil their view of the river ......, even thought they didn't live anywhere near the proposed site! Now it's been an empty, weed grown eyesore for the last 30 years!)

Anyway, here in London, which is a regional city for S.W. Ontario with about 500,000 people, there is a mini building boom at the moment and about ten residential high-rises are proposed for the downtown core.

Well guess what kids?

There is a flurry of letters going to the local paper about how we should preserve the past and not tear down our aging, decrepit looking buildings because they were built long ago. (It had something to do with our heritage, which makes absolutely no sense to me because these doomed building are well past their prime and one of them is even held up by a supporting wall so it doesn't crash into the street.)

So what's the end result of all this you ask?

You can bet your boots that at least a few of these new high-rise condo's won't get built, and we can continue to stare at the old shitty ones still standing there!

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