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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion About Drumpf's Morality!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

Since there is an ongoing war of words between Kim Jung Dumb and Don the Con Trumplethinskin let us have a quick look at how they treat everyone, including family!

First comes Kim the dumber. His uncle did something, or Kim felt a perceived snub about something, so he had him strapped to the front of a cannon and blew his guts out! (That's even worse than Humpty Dumpty falling of a wall folks!)

Pretty gross eh?

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Well Donald Drumpf's not any better boys and girls!

Donald's older brother Freddy didn't have what it takes to be a ruthless slum lord, so the job fell to Don the Con, who proceeded to wreak havoc where-ever he went! (Don's brother became an airline pilot ....., until he died from alcoholism and left two kids to be looked after by the family. His grandson was also born with M.S. and needed lifelong medical care.)

Back around 1999 Dons father, Fred Sr. was suffering from advanced dementia and just before he died Don had him change his will to cut off Freddie's two kids and give their inheritance to his kids. (Remember, by this time Fred Sr.  didn't know what the hell was happening. He just sat in a corner and drooled!)


A few years later he had the grand-kid with M.S. cut off from his health insurance, and he became a ward of the State!

Pretty disgusting eh?

(Well, at least he didn't strap the kid to the front of a cannon!!!!!!!)