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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Women/wives are Aliens!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective here!"

I am really starting to believe that old adage that "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" because the Mrs. Herself is a perfect example of this!

I must explain that I am the creative one in this marriage and suffer from ADHD as well as a host of other minor maladies that some people might find annoying, while my wife is the slow, methodical and logical one in this relationship. (And who says that opposites don't attract!)

Image result for draw squares and boxesI doodle while I'm on the phone by drawing swirls and swoops and intricate designs Image result for swirls and lineswhile the wife draws squares and arrows and stuff while she is on the phone. 

I am the outgoing one, hence this blog and my former career as a broadcaster, while my wife is so private that she doesn't want me to use her name when I write about her!!! (I have a general Facebook page while she has a private one that only includes her best friends and family ...., and on and on!


The reason I am writing this is because I was getting dressed this morning and took a shirt out of my closet and had it on for abut 5 - 10 minutes when I decided that I wanted a different shirt.....!


That's right kids, during this brief interval she had gone and taken the hanger out and put it back with the empty hangers in the hallway closet

Two things here: First of all you can see how fastidious she is, and second, it shows a lot about me since I complained that I didn't have a hanger to hang the shirt back on until she suggested that I put it on the hanger from the shirt that I was now going to wear!

Yup, women are a different breed.

The way I see it anyway!