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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Little black rock, or little green men?

Dear Friends: Well it wasn't as spectacular as the meteor boom over Russia a while back but police in northern Ontario say a meteor may be responsible for a loud explosion that shook houses from Dulth, Minnesota, to a Thunder Bay neighbourhood earlier this week.

Thunder Bay police say officers were dispatched to the area at about 11 p.m. Wednesday to investigate reports of the loud explosion.

They say officers found a hole in the snow about 75 centimetres wide on the side of the road, with a pile of what appeared to be rock-like material. (Officials say the area was checked and no footprints or vehicle tracks were found.)

Thunder Bay police say they have been in contact with Lakehead University and a professor from the geology department to examine the area. (The force says it is believed it was a meteor from the Geminid Meteor shower, which peaked late Wednesday night until early Thursday morning.)

Local residents, however, are not so sure since there have been strange occurances in the neighbourhood ever since! 

The way I see it anyway!