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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Say what you will, sometimes you just can't please her!

Dear Friends: Let's get things back into perspective!

I have applauded the recent movement to expose and demean men who are guilty of sexual harassment, (or worse) but also issued a cautionary note on the possibility of some women weaponizing this new development to further a totaly unrealated agenda, such as a 'get even' for percieved, or real, slights, injustices and injuries. 

Into this fray enter Emma Teitel who is a national columnist writing about women's issues, LGBT rights, and popular culture. (In other words we got ourselves an ardent activist and a feminist here folks!)

Emma has jumped right into the middle of this whole mess by finding a way to drag even the "nice guys" down to the lowest denominator. (I think she is doing just what I was afraid of, except she's applying this with a broad brush against all men in general!) 

Here's part of an article she has in the Toronto Star:
Put another way, it’s a glaring example of nice-guy hypocrisy: the brand of duplicity unique to men who move in progressive circles and espouse progressive ideas, but who are, behind closed doors, about as enlightened as Donald Trump. 

2017 isn’t just the Year of Creeps, after all. It’s the year of Creeps Who Say All the Right Things. From Dustin Hoffman and Jeffrey Tambor to Louis CK and George Takei (I could go on but I won’t because I’ll run out of space), the ever-expanding annals of alleged abusers in Hollywood and beyond is full of liberal darlings: men who until recently made the “right” insights, supported the “right” causes, appeared in the “right” projects, advocated fiercely for social justice and took frequent shots online at public figures who undermined it.

It’s no wonder why so many American conservatives are reacting to the avalanche of sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood with a kind of morbid glee. Smug liberal Hollywood, for a long time one of the loudest voices against injustice of every kind (war, mass incarceration, animal cruelty, homophobia, you name it) has at long last been exposed as a hotbed of injustice in its own right.

But more importantly, so are ordinary people. If something good is to come from the Year of Creeps it’s this: Sexual predators going forward may think twice about abusing those around them in fear their crimes will no longer be swept under the rug.
And the nice-guy hypocrisy of alleged predators such as Dustin Hoffman will serve as an invaluable reminder to young people everywhere — especially those entering college and new jobs—that a person’s progressive politics do not determine his behaviour around sexual consent. 

A man can shout “your body, your choice” from a rooftop; it won’t stop him from committing acts of sexual violence or coercion. 

The guy you’re crushing on in English class may have read and thoroughly enjoyed A Room of One’s Own. This doesn’t mean he won’t show up at your dormitory unannounced after a night out drinking and demand entry.  

Most nice guys are nice. But watch out for the ones that lay it on a little too thick.
Here's the point of this rant kids. Although I agree with a lot of what Ms. Teitel has to say, she goes a little overboard in her chastizing of men in general, and this brings to mind that old quote from Billy Shakespeare: "The Lady doth protest too much, methinks!" 

The way I see it anyway!

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