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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Are the Republicans just disingenuous, or something much worse!

Dear Friends: Your long suffering author keeps saying that if you tell people something enough times, with enough conviction, they will believe just about anything! (After all, this is the same trick used by all religions!)

With that in mind you have to wonder if the Republicans are just  lacking in frankness, candor and sincerity........, or are pursuing a much darker objective!

I subscribe to a blog called "Townhall Daily" which is a right wing rag that fosters all the "disingenuous" talking points these assholes use to fire up their base and today's headline caught my eye!

 Should Hillary Go Free? (By Steve Soukup)

Now first of all I don't understand why Hillary Clinton is getting any traction from them at all since she's ancient history, (well actuall I do because she is an easy diversion from their own screw-ups and disasters) but just the same, what they say gives my head a twirrly-wirrly and makes me think I'm in some sort of an alternate Universe. (That's much worse than just alt-news folks!)

Image result for hillary clipartWhen discussing the sins of the Hillary they naturally bring up the  "many shady deals, from her (1) email server to her (2) campaign apparatus to (3) her and Bill’s massive and well-connected foundation, to the (4) urainium deal, to (5) Benghazi, (oh yes, that's still thrown in there now and again kids) to anything else they can come up with............., but other than list them there are NO other details given because, after all, we're supposed to know what those sins are now, don't we?

Instead they spend the next five or six pages listing the sins of other politicians like that Roman General who did some bad stuff so they can establish "GUILT BY ASSOCIATION!" 
Hillary Clinton did much wrong, and to investigate those wrongdoings is not necessarily political payback. At the same time, however, no less than one of history’s greatest champions of justice and truth has argued that corruption itself is destructive and must be resisted.When the branches of a government are thought by the people to be deeply corrupt, the leaders of said government would be wise to take any opportunity to prove otherwise.  In 70 B.C., the Roman Republic was deeply corrupt, as many believe the United States is today.  Marcus Tullius Cicero was then the prosecutor in a trial before the Senate, in which the Gaius Verres, the governor of Sicily, was charged with wholesale corruption.Like the Clintons today, Verres was rich and powerful.  

Cicero took the floor to proclaim:  At this grave crisis in the history of our country, you have been offered a peculiarly desirable gift, a gift almost too opportune to be of human origin:  it almost seems heaven-sent.  For you have been given a unique chance to make your Senatorial Order less unpopular, and to set right the damaged reputation of these courts.  A belief has taken root which is having a fatal effect on our nation – and which to us who are Senators, in particular, threatens grave peril.  This belief is on everyone’s tongue, at Rome and even in foreign countries.  It is this: that in these courts with their present membership, even the worst criminal will never be convicted provided that he (she)  has money.”
 Yup, they don't have to prove that Hillary did anything bad boys and girls, they just have to give examples of bad shit other people did and then paint Hillary Clinton with the same brush!

Works every time. If you're as stupid as Trump's base!

The way I see it anyway!

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