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Friday, 12 January 2018

Brain Food?

Dear Friends: I keep seeing an ad on TV for "Prevagen" that claims it is some sort of "brain food" and can help you get smart......., or stay smart........., or increase your smarts......, or something like that!


The ad claims that Prevagen is made from something in "Jellyfish" that does all this wonderful stuff! 

Well I got news for ya bunky.

Jellyfish do not have brains......, nothing........, nada.........., no way!

All jellyfish have is a very basic set of nerves at the base of their tentacles. These nerves detect touch, temperature & salinity........., nothing more!


The  question arises: How can Jellyfish be good for your brain when they don't have any brains themselves?
Answer me that, eh!

The way I see it anyway!