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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to play the game!

Dear Friends: This is sort of a long post but the importance of the subject justifies it!

Lately the "Time’s Up and #MeToo" movements have been generating a lot of press and controversy in the media and among the population in general!

Basically what we have here is a bunch of differing opinions about what constitues, and should be done about sexual harrassment and assault! (Or to quote Strother Martin: "What we have here is failure to communicate!")

The sensible middle ground acknowledges that there is a problem with a man's proclivity to assume a woman is to be won over, or even conquered in a physical sense when his natural urges and needs manifest themselves into something we call the "mating ritual!" (Or come-on's, or pick-up lines, or any of that other stuff all the players engage in.)

Yup, men are by nature the aggressors, and women are by nature the cunning one's who pick and chose, and play us like a well worn fiddle!

What it basically all boils down to is a battle of the sexes that has been going on for as long as there were men and women around to play folks!

Set Up

Split the players into two teams, Males vs. Females. Men should sit on the Male side of the board, Women on the Female side of the board. Ladies always start before gentlemen, so the Female Team gets the first turn.


On the Female Team’s turn, the Male Team draws from the Male Deck and reads to the Female Team. On the Male Team’s turn, the Female Team draws from the Female Deck and reads to the Male Team. If your team answers correctly, move the trophy one space toward your end of the board. The other team draws a new card and reads you a new question. Place the old card at the back of the deck after each turn. If your team answers incorrectly, your team’s turn is over. Draw a new card and read a new question to the other team.

Ending a Round

When your team successfully answers a Green question, the Trophy moves into your Winner’s Circle. You’ve won the trophy! This ends the round. Leave the trophy in your Winner’s Circle to rub in the victory. Place a new trophy on the centre Start Space. It’s now the other team’s turn.

Winning the Game

The first team to capture three trophies wins the Battle of the Sexes game. Congratulations – you’re obviously the Superior Sex!

NOW, here's where we get into trouble kids!

On the one hand, ya got stuff like this:
On Sunday, Quebec feminists Léa Clermont-Dion and Aurélie Lanctôt appeared on Radio-Canada talk show Tout Le Monde En Parle to launch #EtMaintenant — which could be translated as “What now?”

The creators say the movement, symbolized by a yellow heart, has a clear objective: to work toward a world defined by equality, respect and solidarity between men and women. They state that “everywhere in society, women are exposed to different forms of violence or sexual aggression, and that they no longer accept being reduced to an object of masculine desire.”

It has the support of many prominent Quebecers, including journalist Francine Pelletier, radio host Mitsou and TV personality Julie Snyder. The declaration is available online in French at, where both men and women can read it, and, if they like, sign it.

The #EtMaintenant project was indeed an outgrowth of the # MeToo movement but was spurred by an open letter published recently in Le Monde, signed by actress Catherine Deneuve along with 99 other French women — writers, artists and academics among them.

The authors suggested the #MeToo campaign (which took on the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc — roughly translated as Squeal on Your Pig — in France) had been taken too far and had in effect become a form of Anglo-American “puritanism” in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Their letter states that while “rape is a crime . . . trying to seduce someone . . . is not, nor is being gentlemanly a macho attack.”

The authors of the Le Monde letter defended the right of men to pester women, in the name of “sexual freedom,” and said that men were being subjected to a “witch-hunt.” They said that they didn’t see themselves in this feminism that — they argue — has taken the form of man-hating and hating sexuality.
They criticize the #MeToo movement for failing to differentiate between catcalls, gallantry, flirting and seduction with rape and sexual assault. In other words, they suggest women are conflating major crimes with minor ones.

Clermont-Dion, who has filed a sexual assault complaint to police against the founder of the Institut du Nouveau Monde, Michel Venne (who has denied her allegation), penned a reply to Catherine Deneuve and her co-signatories.

Deneuve has issued a response indicating she stands by the spirit of the controversial letter but apologized to any female victims of sexual assault who were shocked by what they saw as an attack on the # MeToo movement. (Some have suggested that Deneuve’s original response was indicative of the cultural differences between French and Anglo-American feminism in regards to sex and men.)
If so, the Quebec-based #EtMaintenant movement — being at once North American and predominantly francophone — is uniquely placed to bridge these fault-lines within the #MeToo debate.
 ON THE OTHER HAND:  We have a bunch of Femi-Nazi's who rail against any attempt to "chat them up" and believe any transgression of sexual harassment or assault should be dealt with by immediate castration!

All of this brings us to one of the central, underlying tensions of the #MeToo movement: Who gets to speak on behalf of women? Can there ever be one authoritative voice in such a complex revolution?

The answer is no. Feminism has never been, and never will be, a monolithic movement.
When it comes to #EtMaintenant, we must remember that women whose lives have been shaped by different circumstances, experiences, contexts and cultures all have a right to share their truths. It may not be easy, but we will be richer for it.  (
Take this example: Matt Damon is apologizing to Time’s Up and #MeToo supporters after controversial remarks he recently made about sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

The Downsizing star – who has worked with disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein – came under fire last month after attempting to argue that inappropriate behaviour should be addressed according to its level of severity.

“I really wish I had listened before I weighed in on any of this,” Damon told Postmedia Network by phone Tuesday afternoon.

 In a December 14 interview with ABC’s Peter Travers, the Oscar winner said: “There’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviours need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?”

 Those comments drew anger from actresses like Alyssa Milano, Damon’s ex Minnie Driver, and Evan Rachel Wood, who slammed him on Twitter. There was also a social media campaign to have Damon dropped from the upcoming female-led Ocean’s Eight.

 Now, Damon says he regrets his remarks.
“Yes, it’s been a little over a month and I just have been listening to the response – carefully – and in retrospect… I wouldn’t have said what I said,” Damon said. “Ultimately, what it comes down to for me is I don’t ever want to further anybody’s pain with anything I say or do. So for that, I’m truly sorry.”
(With thanks to Sun Media!)



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