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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

My button is bigger than your button!

Dear Friends: It all started fifty years ago when the Republican National Comitteeset the United States on a course that ends today with Don the Con Trumplethinskin sitting in the White house!

The year was 1968 and first Dr. Martin luther king was killed, and then Bobby Kennedy was gunned down in the kitchen of a hotel in Chicago. (Speaking of Chicago, it was also on the fourth day of May that the Ohio national Gaurd killed four students and wounded nine others at Kent State University as they protested the Republicans and the Vietnam war.) 

Against this backdrop of madness and mayhem the committe to re-elect Richard Nixon was drafting policies, and an ideology, that would reverberate down through the years until we end up with Donald Drumpf engaged in a shouting war with Kim Jung Un of North Korea about who has the biggest dick. (Excuse me, make that a "button!")

Yes folks, from "Watergate," to Ronald Reagan and the Iran Contra affair, to the 'Bushes' and the Middle-East wars, it was a downward slide until we get to where we are today!

I tell ya kids, unless they get rid of Drumpf, there ain't gonna be no more songs like; "the sun will come out tomorrow!" (Maybe just a nuclear winter!)

The way I see it anyway!

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