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Friday, 5 January 2018

P. C. cops run wild against regular cops!

Dear Friends: This is just another example of how nuts things are in the world here in 2018.

A woman (Katrina Aarts) was going to a holloween party 12 years ago and she dressed as a south sea island native, or an Australian aboriginal, or an African woman............, or something or other that had her dress like a native!
Since then she has lived her life just like we all do, and even joined the London police force a few years back, and she is now a cop!

Over the weekend Katrina's sister posted this old picture on her facebook page and as soon as some left wing nut got wind of it the poop hit the fan!

"How could a London cop be so insensitive."

"London cop racial slur!"

"Are London cops secret racist?"

And on and on........, to the point that the London Police Chief had to issue an apology to the offended people. (By the way, none of them were offended black's, they were just offended for the black's!)

Did anyone here me mention the fact that she wasn't even a cop back then folks?

Does anyone realize that what was acceptable in a previous time is not acceptable in today's crazy politically correct climate...., and you can't apply today's morality to another time?

And last, but not least, what the hell is the big deal anyway and why do normal people even give a shit?

The way I see it anyway!

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