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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Saturday Morning Confusion about degrees of sexual assault.

Dear Friends: Like we said yesterday on these pages there is a reason to be concerned about sexual harassment and asault, but it's a matter of degree and intent folks!

Thankfully I'm finding more and more people who agree with me:
Bill Maher broke down a concern he has with the #MeToo movement on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time.”

Maher said he was a “true supporter” of the movement, which has prompted many people to talk about sexual harassment and assault. But he lamented the rise of “distinction deniers” who “can’t tell or don’t want to see a difference between assault in a van and a back rub by the water cooler.”
“I’m down with #MeToo, I’m not down with #MeCarthyism,” he said.

“Giving up on the idea that even bad things have degrees, that is as dumb as embracing the idea of alternative facts,” said Maher. “Justice requires weighing things, that is why Lady Justice is holding a scale and not a sawn-off shotgun.”

“(Vice President) Mike Pence and ISIS are both homophobic,” he added. “But Mike doesn’t throw gay men off the roof, so he’s better. This isn’t that hard, people!”

I still think Al Franken shouldn't have resigned!

The way I see it anyway!