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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A foot in cold water!

Dear friends: No, we're not talking about the Canadian band 'A Foot in Cold Water,' but rather the British Columbia problem with severed feet showing up on the beaches of that province for the past ten or fifteen years! (If ya haven't heard about it, these feet - minus the rest of the body - are turning up all over the place.)

Police have had all sorts of theories about where and why these rather gruesome occurrences keep happening up and down the coast but one guy finally came up with an explanation that seems to make sense.


That's right, modern sneakers became lighter and more buoyant over the past decade or two and as a result, they FLOAT, and when the foot separates from a body under normal decomposition they rise to the surface and 'bob' around until they end up on a beach somewhere!


P.S. I think they also made a movie about this called "My Left Foot" starring Daniel Day Lewis......, but I could be wrong!

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