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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Amber Alert!

Dear Readers: Ontario is in the process of installing an "Amber-Alert" system to warn people about natural disasters,  insurrection and revolutions, nuclear attacks, kidnapping and rioting in the streets, etc. so last week they had a big test of the system and for the most part none of it worked. (You're supposed to be notified over your computer, TV, telephone, I-phone and a guy standing on the corner yelling; "Take cover!"

BUT: It worked real well this week when I got an 'Amber Alert' yesterday while I was in Toronto for the day!

The only problem was that it was an Amber-Alert for some missing kid way up in Thunder Bay! That's about a 1000 kms. away as the crow flies folks, and 1300 km to drive it! (That's the same as getting an Amber Alert in N.Y.C. for something in Ann Arbor Michigan, or south of Los Angeles for someplace north of San Francisco.)

Anyway, I'm glad to say they found the kid, but I really don't think we have to know about it from somewhere that's over a days drive from where it happened!

Looks like it could use a bit of work!

The way I see it anyway!
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