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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Go figure!

Dear Friends: Your long standing author and occasional sleuth has a problem and perhaps you could help me solve it!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that in order to keep my mind active (and also because I like it) I play computer 'free cell' every day and have done so for years. This adds up to thousands of games over time and there is something I noticed that has me wondering.

When I wrote about this the last time I thought that maybe there was some mathematical rule I wasn't aware of because while playing the game I would have winning and losing streaks even though it all averaged out every time in the long run.

Today I realized that there might be a second explanation for these streaks as well.
Image result for playing a computer game clipart
Could it be my brain itself?

Maybe on some days I'm just a better player or worse player and this accounts for the erratic results I get on the scoreboard.

So here's my problem!

Which is it?

Or is it both?