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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Hands up or I'll shoot!

Dear Friends: HERE WE GO AGAIN!

I have complained on these pages about how 'left wingers' and peaceniks are opposed to the sale of the General Dynamics stryker vehicle which is made here in London, Ontario because there is the possibility that they might be used against PEOPLE! (These are currently going to Saudi Arabia.)
Image result for general dynamics stryker

Now there is a chance we can sell them to a second country and the same old protesters are taking time off from G7 protests, save the trees and oil pipelines marches so they can get in on this new action.

However: While the Canadian 'do-gooders' are all up in arms (sorry about the pun) France is building a ton of these........., and could cut us right out of the arms market! (Lots more stuff on them to kill people with than ours!)

Remember what they say folks: "If ya snooze, ya loose!"

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