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"I know this couple. They were likely at the Trump rallies fist pumping and chanting lock her up. They hate Obama for all the reasons that their cult had been spoon fed by Trump and the right wing conspiracy nut jobs. They were reading all the revolution and populist propaganda from Breitbart. They’d be cussing with Rush Limbaugh and praying at the alter of Fox news everyday. Hannity would be echoing in their heads. They’d be at the church pot luck lunch after the Sunday sermon talking about fighting for their christian rights to be the custodians of America and their Christian Nation." -Kevin Moore.

Friday, 11 May 2018

It just goes to show ya never can tell!

Dear Friends: With all the talk about everybody buying stuff over the internet, I your progressive  reporter and author, thought he would get in the game too........, so I saw a pair of shoes I would like to buy! (I had seen them for seventy bucks before, but since I didn't buy them at the time they sent me an ad today for forty bucks!)

I like the shoes and they seemed stylish and expensive looking but I thought I had better run them by 'The Mrs. Herself,' who took one look at them and said: "They look cheap!"

This is what they looked like:

I still think they look good no matter what she says, but I now know better than to buy them!

The way I see it anyway!