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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Saturday Morning Confusion: Civics!

Dear Friends: We have a basic civics lecture for you.

The first thing we had better do is describe some of the forms of government we have come  up with.

- Communism is probably the best political idea that was ever invented.............., unfortunately, it doesn't work because people aren't disciplined enough to put 100% personal effort into it!.

- Socialism is about the same as Communism in it's long term prospects, with the added danger of degenerating into Fascism...................., and we know how that turned out!

- Unbridled Capitalism can't work because of the social stratification that invariably results....... like the financial crisis of 1929 or 2008. (There were more of them in between but let's not get too technical.)

So, other than everybody just doing whatever-the-hell they want, this leaves us with something called 'socialist democracy' and this seems to be the way to go! (Most of Europe is heading that way already while the U.S. is too rigid to go quietly!)

A properly running social democracy has some inherent and advantageous benefits that evolve naturally over time and these include things like a guaranteed living wage, universal health care, dental and prescription drugs, universal day-care and a free University education.  (Like I said folks Europe has ALL these things even though there is no one country yet that has them all..... yet!)

And how do we pay for this the Capitalists ask?

Easy folks, drastically cut military spending, (then use them internally for infrastructure projects) put a curb on obscene corporate profits (especially by the financial & real estate sectors) and run the government for the people and not special interest groups. (This includes getting rid of lobbyists and 'for-profit' organizations that should be handled by the government)

Other than that, technology and automation should take care of all the loose ends!


The way I see it anyway!

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