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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

To wall or not to wall!

Dear Friends: A couple of things caught my attention over the past few days and both of them deserve a brief comment while they are still in the news.

First of all that speech and power point presentation by Israeli Prime Minister 'Net-in-ya-who' about Iran's continuing development of atomic weapons reminded me a lot of the power point presentation for the justification of  the Iraq war because of the WMD's;

Second; it looks like we will have more illegal refugees from the States this year than the total of legal immigrant to our borders, so the clamoring for a border wall between us and the States in the  Quebec and Manitoba borders is increasing.

Not only would it keep some of the illegals out........ we could make American citizens coming up here sign an affidavit that they don't own a gun and aren't crazy! (For example; if they voted for Drumpf............, they don't get in.)


P.S. If it really came down to a wall or not, your cautious reporter is rather conflicted because I wouldn't put any restrictions on families or women with kids....., but slam the door on single males between the ages of 18  to 40 because they're usually the shit-kickers!

The way I see it anyway!

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