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Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Buzz Aldrin, the second guy to step on the moon raised a ruckus some years back when I saw him on TV claiming that there really were Aliens......... and that he had seen them....... and they had a base on the moon!

When I heard him make these claims I had some grave doubts about him, conspiracy theories, aliens in general, moon bases and how a former U.S. astronaut could do this unless he had taken leave of his senses.

Not knowing how to separate the facts from the bullshit because of all the crazy things we see and hear on a daily basis I sort of put the whole thing out of my mind and chalked it up to "just one of those things!"

WELL, now we suddenly get word this week that old Buzz (or his new management team) is suing his kids..... who keep saying that he has dementia and is nuts on top of it.

So, the mystery deepens kids......... while the Aliens sit in their base on the moon and laugh their asses off!

The way I see it anyway!
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