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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Drumpf getting set to receive Nobel Peace Prize!

Dear Friends: I know it was only yesterday that I said we wouldn't talk about Don the Con so much unless it was absolutely necessary but here, less than 24 hours later, something came up that needs to be addressed immediately.

No I'm not talking about the G7 Summit in Quebec yesterday where Drumpf blew up the meeting and then refused to sign on with the communique while at the same time insulting and berating Trudeau and the rest of his allies.

Photo from the G7 summit of the leaders, tweeted by the German government on 9 June 2018

 (This picture clearly shows the new low that relations have sunk to in the G7 Summit!)

Nope, that's not it kids!

What I'm talking about is the upcoming meeting with the North Koreans over the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula!

Folks this guy is so covetous of a Nobel Peace Prize (Because Obama  got one!) that he will say or do almost anything to get one himself!

Doesn't matter if he sells the U.S. down the road as long as he can erase Obama's accomplishments and gets a Peace Prize for himself............ because that's the kind of hairpin this guy is!

God help us all! (And I'm not even religious!)

Image result for trump
 Here's Trump speaking out of the side of his mouth again!
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