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Friday, 15 June 2018

Go to the store, kill a couple of kids and then go back home again!

Dear Friends: Yesterday could have been one of those days that was life altering and it was only through the grace of Howard that it turned out ok! (You know....... Our Father who art in Heaven, Howard be thy name!)

I was going to the corner store to buy some milk and on the way back there were two high school kids riding on a (single) bike down the sidewalk:

Image result for two people on one bike

When I was about two car lengths behind them the guy that was steering suddenly swerved into the street in front of my car............. and thankfully I was able to stop in time, even though I brushed the leg of one of the kids.

As they picked themselves up from the pavement the bigger of the two started yelling AT ME, and then came over and kicked the bumper of my car!

Not knowing what to do since I was totally in a state of shock....... I just sat there !!!!!!!

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