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Thursday, 28 June 2018

I swear it wan't me!

Dear Friends: The #MeToo movement has been trying to reel in a big fish for the past several years now........ but no luck so far!

Ever since the story first surfaced — or rather, resurfaced — that Justin Trudeau had allegedly groped a young reporter for the Creston Valley Advance in 2000, his office has been issuing, and reissuing, the same statement. The prime minister “remembers being in” the small British Columbia town for an event at the time, “but doesn’t think he had any negative interactions there.”
Yes, the events in question allegedly took place 18 years ago, when he was not yet in politics. Yes, it is unclear what exactly he is accused of. And yes, his accuser has refused to comment publicly. But, seriously: “he doesn’t think he had any negative interactions”?
Still, if you had to say, based on the facts at hand: what is most likely to be the case? Is it likely, given the glowing assessment both her former editor and former publisher gave of her to the Post, that she was either so delusional or so dishonest as to tell each of them, separately and immediately after the fact, that the former prime minister’s son had groped her, when in fact he had not?
Here's what Andrew Coyne has to say about  the whole thing folks: There are two issues here, in sum. There is the matter of what went on between two people in a small town in B.C. in August of 2000. And there is the prime minister’s continuing refusal to address it, and the many reasons why this might be so.

NOW, HERE'S THE REAL ISSUE FOLKS: This was something that happened eighteen years ago which Justin Trudeau doesn't remember and the woman won't say, BUT THE PRESS KEEPS BRING IT UP TIME AFTER TIME.

Mr. Coyne and his buddies keep going back to this "nothingburger" whenever there is a lull in the news about Drumpf, and your neighbourhood reporter thinks this whole thing might be a case of yellow journalism at its finest!

The way I see it anyway!
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