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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

NO! It's not O.K.

Dear Friends: We are becoming a nation of Nays and No's and don't ask, don't tell folks

You can't say whatever you like on University campuses anymore because freedom of speech has been overtaken by the need to be protected from things and ideas you don't like, to the point of being able to flee to "safe rooms" when a discouraging word is heard out on the range.

It's not OK to discriminate against thieving, raping Mexicans who are usually a part of MS-13 gangs, and it's not OK to lock up their thieving lying kids who are being put in concentration camps. (Let's call a spade a spade here folks, unless it's not OK to say that anymore!)

It's not OK to kick Sarah Huckaby Sanders out of a restaurant because ya don't like her politics, and it's not OK to refuse to make a wedding cake for someone because it has two men on it instead of a man and a woman! (On the International front it's not OK for the United Nations to condemn Israel for human rights abuses while at the same time electing nations like Saudi Arabia to be members of a Human Rights tribunal.)

That's right folks, we have changed from being the "ME" generation to being the "NOT ME" generation, and I'm not OK with THAT!

The way I see it anyway!

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