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Monday, 25 June 2018

What a rotten way to spend a Monday!

Dear Friends: I normally don't like Monday's much anyway, but this week it's worse than usual. The Mrs. Herself has cancer and we are at the clinic getting chemo for her Lymphoma.

She is having a nap while they give her the drugs so I made my way down to the library to pass some time............ since we are going to be here for about six hours.

Lymphoma is a strange disease and since she was diagnosed with it back in 2002 all they could do was leave it alone until it got aggressive....... which happened in 2007.

During her hospital stay at that time she not only got sick from the chemo, but came down with C-Deficile and various infections to the point where they expected her to die....., gave her 'last rights,' and then sent her home for the inevitable end!

Needless to say they forgot to tell HER she was dying..... so she slowly got better and by 2008 was back to being her old self again. (About the same thing happened to me in 2015 when I got double pneumonia and spent 10 weeks in the hospital before pulling through because I didn't know I was supposed to die!)

Back to the wife:

She was only supposed to live another few years but here it is twelve years latter and she is going in for her second round of chemo...... and with the advances they made in cancer medicine since 2008 her long term prognosis is a lot better than anyone could have hoped for.

I guess time will tell, but the last 10 years have been a bonus and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome.

As any regular reader of this blog is probably aware I am not a religious person by any means, but any prayers you can say for her would be much appreciated.

The way I see it anyway!
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