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Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Dear Friends: According to the old English legal system, of which we are a part,  a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty..........., which has served us well for quite a few hundreds of years!

Now without getting into too many details, and notwithstanding our current habit of turning everything on its head, we seem to have done a real number on that "innocent until proven guilty" thing.

The #MeToo movement has made our legal system proactive instead of reactive since the merest mention of any impropriety by a man automatically infers that a guilty sign is dangling from his neck, and the only question left to solve is what type of punishment would be appropriate for the aforementioned crime!

When this movement started out it was accepted in good faith that something nefarious had happened but it has slowly been transformed into a blanket accusation that puts the onus on the accused to establish his innocence rather than be proven quilty by the accuser.

The nearest parallel I can find to this situation would be to ask some guy if he had stopped beating his wife!

Doesn't matter how he answers since there is no defense against this type of accusation.

The way I see it anyway!
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