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Friday, 13 July 2018

Tea for Trump, and Trump for Tea!

Dear Friends: As you are well aware Don the Con has been over in Europe for  NATO meetings (For which he was twice late!) and then over to England to insult Prime Minister May, (It's a long story folks!) and finally to see the Queen for "Tea."

During most of the trip Drumpf just played it by ear, (Like being late for meetings.) but when it came to the Queen everything is done according to protocol and timed to the second, so Donald had to behave himself, and actually act with a bit of respect and decorum.

The reason I am writing about his Royal encounter is because Donald realized that things had to be done properly since even his tie was the correct length!  (Instead of six inches longer than normal.)

Yup, ya don't mess around with the Queen folks!

The way I see it anyway!

Oh, did I mention that after "Tea" with the Queen it was off to his golf course in Scotland for a rest......, and then over to Helsinki to meet his "handler!"

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