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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Why is President Trump holding rallies after he has already been elected?

Dear Friends: My parents grew up in Germany during the Nazi years so this might strike home with them more than it does me, but just the same there is a powerful message about a certain 'you know who" that should serve as a reminder that things can go very  wrong in the blink of an eye!

Guest Post by Sarah Msylis:

I think the answer to this question is more sinister than people imagine. I hesitate to write this answer without researching more and posting links, but I'm going to go ahead because it worries me to see relatively benign motives given as the reason for the rallies.

Many historians and elderly Germans have commented that Trump “is following the Nazi playbook.” I don't give Trump credit for knowing the Nazi playbook himself, but Steve Bannon and others in Trump's circle (former and current) certainly do.

Trump holds rallies like this in order to keep his base inflamed with the emotions his demagoguery has been playing to since day one. The plan, in my opinion, is not only to win re-election, but to create constant chaos and discord among the population. He wants to maintain and increase the fanaticism of his supporters, spread it to others, and distract enough people from his government's actual policies that citizens cannot resist effectively.

The goal is to erode democracy to the point that it exists in name only. The goal is a totalitarian state.
I have a friend who went to one of Hitler's rallies in 1939. Her school sent the kids to see the Führer, the savior of Germany, the man who would make Germany great again, who would take back what had been taken away. That's what they were taught.

She says it's happening again. “He's doing what Hitler did.” In a variety of tactics.

I will provide links. Give me a few hours.

I've also been looking up articles about Trump rallies and other rallies held by dictators. I found this quote which Ron Davison attributes to Hitler: "A mass rally is designed to switch off the thinking process. Only then will the people be ready to accept the magical simplifications before which all resistance crumbles."

I don't know if it's authentic. However, I've also been reading other Hitler quotes online. Here are some from the site A-Z Quotes.

-- "Make the lie simple, make it big, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."
-- "All propaganda must be confined to a few bare necessities and then must be expressed in a few stereotyped formulas...only constant repetition will succeed in imprinting an idea upon the memory of a crowd."
-- "All propaganda has to be popular and it has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those it seeks to reach."(A-Z quotes/Mein Kampf)
-- "A decision by the Führer in the express form of a law or decree may not be scrutinized by a judge. In addition, the judge is bound by any other decision of the Führer." (Mein Kampf/A-Z quotes)

However, I know there's a lot of misattribution of quotes of all kinds. So I will look for a book of Hitler quotes compiled by a respectable person. 

Ivana said that Trump kept one on his bedside table.

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